Quick ways to eliminate body odour


Let’s face it, everybody sweat! When you are performing any physical activities, walking, or being in a warm room, it’s normal to sweat but the foul smell that often follows can be embarrassing especially when you are with your peer group or public place.

To stop your body from smelling you have to fight cause which is Bacteria, Here are some helpful tips to help you fight body odor and stay fresh everyday. 


You can’t blame sweat alone for a foul body odour, When bacteria on your skin mixes with sweat, it produces the unpleasant scent known as body odour. The best way to eliminate body odour is to first attack the source which is bacteria.

It’s advisable you bath with antibacterial soap to keep your pits squeaky clean and smelling fresh. Take time to thoroughly wash the parts of your body that are prone to sweating such as your underarms, private part and feet. Remember to dry your body thoroughly to avoid bacteria breeding on your skin. 


A breathable shirt allows air to pass through them. Breathable fabrics like cotton, silk and wool allows air to enter your clothes and reduces sweat. A breathable undershirt is one of the best ways to prevent body odour. Instead of seeping through your clothes, undershirts absorb your sweat, contain moisture and reduce body odour. When you sweat, fewer bacteria on your skin cannot multiply easily to cause body odour.


Deodorants prevent the smell of odour-cauing bacteria. Applying deodorant in the morning and bedtime will effectively eliminate body odour. You can also use antiperspirant to block your sweat by applying it in your armpit especially.  Using deodorant and antiperspirant together is the best way to beat sweaty armpits and foul body odour.


What you eat affects the smell your body puts off. Foods like onion and garlic can contribute to causing body odour because they contain aroma that can come out through your pores when you sweat. Try to limit spicy foods, red meat, processed food, caffeine and alcohol when you are fighting body odour. Eating fruits, herbs and yogurt, can also help you fight body odour. 


Bacteria can easily accumulate and breed on used clothes. unpleasant odour can stick when your dirty clothes are not washed properly. Wash your clothes and undies regularly to avoid awful smell from odour-causing bacteria.

Here are helpful method to remove body odour from your clothes.

– Sort clothes manually,

– Soak clothes with baking powder,

– Figure out where the odour is coming from and scrub well, and

– Hang outside to dry.