Kenyan government reportedly deports Jesus


The Kenyan Government have reportedly arrested and deported the man portraying himself as Jesus in the country.

According to reports, the man and the pastors who invited him were going around, taking money from Kenyans to perform miracles, and secure seats for them in heaven.

The duo had been hosting, and moving with the white man, convincing believers that the man is ‘Jesus Christ’, and He had finally come back as promised.

But in another development, a man identified as MacDonald Duncan has come out to clear the air on the white Jesus, denying he is an imposter, but an international evangelist that travels round the world to spread the gospel.

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He wrote:

You’ve probably already seen pictures moving around with a caption “Kenyan Pastor invites Jesus from heaven to preach in his Church”.

I would like to dispute all those accusations as they are not correct. The man referred to as “Jesus” is actually Evangelist Michael Job.

Michael Job is an International Evangelist whose burning desire for people to be saved, healed, and personally encounter the love of Jesus has taken him to the other side of the world.

He is president and head evangelist at Jesus Loves You Evangelistic Ministries and has worked with Evangelist Daniel Kolenda and Reinhard Bonnke (with Christ For All Nations, the ministry of Daniel Kolenda), and just 3 months ago, he did announce that He will be going to Nairobi Kenya, and Krakow and Warsaw Poland this summer. In addition, Michael Job is also an actor and evangelist at TBN’s Holyland Experience in Orlando Florida where he portrays the role of Jesus. (Hence the attire).

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On various interviews done, Michael says he likes wearing like a Jew to portray the kind of life Jesus lived when he was on Earth. Michael Job is passionate about working with primary schools to get children into the church.


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