Osama bin Laden’s son dead – Terrorist dies aged 30


Osama bin Laden’s son dead: The son of the famous terrorist, Hamza who was groomed by his father to become his successor, has died at age 30, according to US intelligence officials.

Three officials confirmed the report, but refused to offer further information on when or how Saudi Arabian-born Hamza died, and if the US played a role in his death.

The US State Department offered a $1million reward for information leading to his capture early this year 2019. The White House has not yet commented on rumors of Hamza’s death.

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Hamza bin Laden called on the people of the Arabian peninsula to revolt in his last public statements released by the terror group’s media arm last year, which also included threats to Saudi Arabia, UK Independent reports.

The country stripped him of his citizenship in March, when the US State Department announced a reward of up to $1m (£817,605) for information leading “to the identification or location in any country” of Hamza, calling him a key al Qaeda leader.

Hamza, believed to be about 30 years old, was at his father’s side in Afghanistan before the September 11 attacks and spent time with him in Pakistan after the US-led invasion of Afghanistan pushed much of al Qaeda’s senior leadership there, according to the Brookings Institution.

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