Eye witness report on how Sowore was arrested by DSS – Deji Adeyanju


Nigerian activist, Deji Adeyanju has shared an eye witness account on how Omoyele Sowore was arrested by DSS in his home earlier today.

He took to twitter to share an account of the arrest of Sowore by DSS according to an eye witness who was with the AAC presidential candidate at the time if the arrest.

Read below; 

Eye-witness report.

At around 1 am, the armed men knocked on the door. I noticed immediately that these knocks were strange. And didn’t open. I looked and I saw men armed to the teeth. They started forcing their way in like armed robbers. But I knew they were DSS men, knowing fully well the attention RevolutionNow has garnered. Sowore wanted to open at first but I immediately told him who they are. He retreated and like magic, he was not in the room when they forced their way in- 8 of them. That was when he managed to tweet. By this time, I had been beaten and handcuffed. Phones were snatched from me. An order to block all exits came from the leader when Sowore was not found inside. He was later arrested at the gym in a gestapo manner and dragged after a bit altercation. They removed my handcuffs and I quickly seized that opportunity to drive his car (I drive him) to block their SIENNA and Hilux they came in. They hit the Lexus jeep like kidnappers would do to make way for themselves. I followed them immediately till we got to CMD road around Ketu when one of them came down from the SIENNA and corked his gun, threatening to shoot me. I had to escape at that point.

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