See prophetess that predicted DJ Arafat’s death in 2018


Popular Ivorian Deejay Dj Arafat is dead and it is so sad his death was predicted by a prophetess in his country in 2018.

According to a report by a prophetess identified as Benie Marthe warned that the popular Deejay might lose his life if he did not reconcile with a certain family he was feuding with.

The prophetess and president of the NGO MINOGE, Bénie Marthe is very respected in a Christian environment in Ivory Coast.

In March 2018, while speaking on Abidjanshow, she made shocking revelations about Dj Arafat.

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She reportedly said:

“God asks Arafat Dj to work hard for the happiness of widows and orphans. He has to help these people because they need him “

She then made emphasis on the fued between Arafat and the family of young Marc Nai.

“In this conflict between Arafat Dj and the Nai family, the artist has the means to cope. Arafat Dj will get by. But the devil is shaking his tail. His enemies want to defeat him. And, if he is not careful, this case may lead to his death. “

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According to her, Dj Arafat was a blessed child pursued by the devil.


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