See rap lyrics EFCC dropped on Instagram – Nigerians blast them


The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC dropped some punch lines on Instagram and this might not have gone well with many Nigerians who didn’t waste time to take a swipe at them.

The agency who must have dropped the rap lyrics to motivate the youth, never would have thought they would get a backlash as many youths accused them on thriving on corruption they claim they are fighting.

See the lyrics they posted below;

See reactions:

*** Just imagine what is coming from an agency like this. Becus you are lucky to be working with efcc that’s why you keep posting rubbish. What goes around comes around.

*** What will make JJ(E) ,to bag an (F), finish his NYS(C), consider cybercrime as plan (C), then end up with (EFCC) ???

*** No go arrest una politicians make una come here dey rap ? as na yahoo boys be una major problem now

*** What Shall It Profit Jjc To Bag ? First Class BSC,Finish His NYSC And Up As a Security Man At Lebanese Company ? ??‍♂️??‍♂️

*** The One eyed eagle with a partial vision. It only sees its opposition but the crimes of its friends are not seen.

*** God punish Efcc, una sabi d real thieves politician u no go catch dem na petty petty thieves u dey look for. Even am very sure if another body dey wey dey investigate efcc official na all of u go dey into corruption one way or d other thieves dey catch thieves inside life

*** Your rule is only for poor Nigerians, why have you not probed ex governors Rotimi Amechi and Tinubu?

*** How should we convince the upcoming ones that education is the key when we are surrounded with rich criminals and poor graduates

*** Rubbish !!!! Country when job nor dey. Useless government. Mstchew !!! Thunder fire all of una.


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