Woman accused of killing her neighbor, made to swear with the corpse in Abia (Video)


A woman was accused of killing a lady who was her neighbor and was forced to swear with the corpse during the burial to prove her innocence.

The woman identified as Mama Thankgod was forced to swear holding the hand of the lady’s corpse to prove that she was not responsible for her death.

This incident happened during the burial of the deceased in Amuzukwu Ibeku, Abia State.

According to reports, the lady died after a brief illness and her family members came accusing the neighbor Mama Thankgod of killing their daughter. They forced her to take the oath according to their tradition after which she did and was told that if nothing happens to her after 7 days then she is innocent.

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The social media user who shared the video wrote;

This young lady suddenly fell sick and died in Amuzukwu Ibeku, Abia state. Her people from Ebonyi state insisted she was killed by a neighbour, Mama Thankgod. And this happened on her burialday. If nothing happens to the accused after 7 days, then she’s innocent. Though the lady’s kinsmen are saying it should be six months according to their tradition.

Watch video below…


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