Black lady calls out her white racist boyfriend who calls her his maid in public


A black lady has taken to her social media page to call out her racist white boyfriend who has refused to stop telling his friends she is his maid.

The black lady took to her page, chckpeas to reveal that her white boyfriend always refers to her as the help when they’re around his friends and she has told him severally how uncomfortable she is about it but he has refused to stop.

She wrote;

my white boyfriend always refers to me as the help when we’re around his friends and it really makes everyone uncomfortable but he wont stop and i dont know what to do. yesterday he brought up the idea of buying me ankle shackles to really nail the point home :/ please help.

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She then added screen shots of their text conversation after her tweet where he revealed she asked to be called that during sex, arguing that he is not being racist, he was just doing what she asked him to.

he has now revealed that he apologized.

See reactions she received to her post below.

I know you know the answer to this question… why tf are you asking us? Leave him!!! What is this? You’re not doing anything but feeding into his racist ideology. He’s using you as proof that he has a black woman. Not that he actually wants, needs, and loves a black woman. – Kea

This is your guy. Why u telling us about it. U chose him. Gftoh here go home and go get spat on – DubbyGoodell

Please order just a drop of self respect on Amazon and want better for yourself mamas I’m begging you – iVerbz

Familiarity breeds disrespect, you allowed him to get away with so much in secret when it was just the both of you and now it’s an issue because it’s public. -olrun promise


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