Couple whose wedding IV had ‘no reception’, actually got a surprise wedding reception (photos)


The couple whose wedding IV had a bold ‘no reception’ notice, actually had a wedding reception courtesy of family and friends.

Reacting to the buzz concerning their invite, the groom Adewale Yusuf, who is a tech guru, said ‘so the weekend was full of drama as our wedding IV trended because of our #NoReception decision. I’m glad my wife is laughing about it now, because it wasn’t funny over the weekend. Thanks to everyone that insulted or defended us, we’re happy with our decision’.

In another post, he however explained how he was tricked to a reception by his colleagues.

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Sharing photos from the wedding reception, Adewale Yusuf said they only wanted a small wedding but got dragged into a surprise wedding reception which was all paid for by his mentors and friends.

My wife and I had decided to not have a reception party after our wedding. Just church service, nothing big.

But, on the day of the event after we had taken our pictures, I was tricked to the office by my mentors and to my surprise my team and friends had planned a surprise reception party for us.

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I have never been that surprised in my entire life. I was so shocked, that it took me hours to recover fully. One of the most heartwarming thing was that the team members who have moved on from the company, contributed towards the reception, as well.  he wrote


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