62-year-old pastor arrested for taking nud£ pictures of his female members in Oyo


62-year-old pastor has been arrested by the Police in Oyo state for taking nude pictures of his female members which he intended using to blackmail them.

A 28-year-old lady who was having sex with the Pastor who had her nude pictures left the church after she found out he was fake. He then decided to threaten to leak her nude photos online to blackmail her if she does not return to the church and continue having sex with him.

She had to reconcile with the pastor to prevent her nudes being shared online and ensure the pictures gets deleted once she gets hold of his phone. She was shocked to discover the nudes of other women including a 17-year-old in his phone. The 17-year-old girl had met the clergyman when she took her mother to the pastor for prayers. He told the teenager that she had family issues that only his prayers can resolve. He asked her to see him in his church for special deliverance. It was during the special deliverance that he annointed her, including her private part, and also took her nude photos with the promise of using it to pray for her. In the course of the deliverance sessions, Oyetunji started having sex with the teenager.

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“I went into cleric work after getting a calling from God. I pastor the Gospel Ministers Commission. I didn’t found it myself; the founder asked me to take over shortly before he died.

For the first victim, one day, I went to a hospital in Awe, Oyo, to see one of the members of the church who was ill, and I prayed for him. Then, some staff members of the hospital also asked me to pray for them, which I did.

They also pressured me to tell them what God was saying concerning them. They gave me a room in the hospital so I could deliver the message to them and I did. That was how I met one of them, the 28- year-old lady (name withheld).

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She later came to me to seek counsel for her problems. She said several men had dumped her in the past. This happened in 2018. We prayed together and I couldn’t get a clue, so I told her that she would have to come back.

After some days, she returned and I gave her anointing oil to rub on every part of her body, which she did. The next time she came, I anointed her, I anointed every part of her body, including her private part. That was the starting point; later, we had sexual intercourse. That was the deceit of the enemy. I can’t blame anybody for it but myself” he said

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