Trouble ensued between two twitter Influencers who want to liberate each other $£xually


A lady on Twitter with the handle @yettyclassy has called out a male user Ayo, @puremind_for deceiving and misleading her in a bid to have sex with her. 

According to yetty, Ayo has lied to her about being single just so he could get down with her but his moves backfired after he shared his ‘one year anniversary ‘ picture.

Ayo shared a picture with his partner with the following caption;

“Thank you for ONE year, I realized I’ve never needed anyone in my life the way that I need you. 

You are the light to my path, you are the one who makes it all make sense. 

Welcome to the beginning of FOREVER. 

I love you..Happy first Anniversary Ayo mi”

This apparently made yetty angry and she took to Twitter to rant and vent out her anger. She shared screenshots of their conversations. See screenshots below:

See Receipts below ;




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