Lady recounts how Ayo FBI attempted to lure her to his apartment


 A lady took to her social media page to recount how twitter influencer Ayo FBI attempted to lure her to his apartment after they met at a bar.

The Lady known as Adekemi on social media took to her page to recount how she met Ayo FBI in a club after a friend’s party and his corny attempt to lure her to his apartment.

Read her story below.

So this is what happened! It was on a Friday night, I went to a bar for a colleague’s birthday, I guess Ayo FBI saw me while walking in or something, after a while, most of the people that came for the get together had left then it was just me, the celebrant and one more person. He approached me and asked if I could join him at his table, I declined and told him I came here to celebrate my friend that I can’t leave but no big deal if he joins our table instead. So he went to pick his drink and bag to join us…

After few mins my friend and the other person said they were ready to leave, so I decided to leave as well, then Ayo FBI asked if I could wait that there’s a particular live band that performs and that they’re very cool, and I would like their performance

He said he comes there regularly and all , well that was my first time there so I wanted to see the performance, so I told my friend to leave that i can take care of myself which of course I did! ??

we started talking, first of all he started with the game of “I think I know you from twitter” well yeah I use twitter but I’m not that popular so no way uncle, then he asked have you heard of “Ayo FBI” on twitter ? guy I get the whole point, it’s for familiarity jst move on!

I asked why he was alone and he said his friend that was supposed to be there with him canceled or something, I thought he was a decent guy from his look actually! Let’s sha continue. He started saying “he’s a banker but people mostly know him as twitter influencer with 20k salary”, he said again “he supports feminism and respect if a girl says no” and lots of talks like that you know na???

Then we went on to talking about my hair and lips, saying it was my hair that attracted him to me but when he say my lips he got more attracted, well NO biggie, l blushed of course and I thanked me, normal thing!

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Onto the next, I was drinking “malt” when he joined my table, he laughed and said why will I be drinking this that I should try what he was having (Origin&Fayrouz), according to him that’s the best blend??‍♀️??‍♀️ he tried convincing me to take it but I told him….

I don’t do alcohol you won’t be the first to try to do this just drop it abeg! He dropped it like a gentleman and ordered for smoothies for me! He went on bragging about how often he dashes money out on twitter and away from twitter! He brags a lot I must confess.

After few mins he asked if I have cash and I told him I have just my tfare back home which was just 2k cash cos my place isn’t far from the bar, he asked for it that he’d return when I’m leaving after he uses his atm card, no qualms I gave him the cash…..

I didn’t assume he was just a broke guy bragging about what he doesn’t have or what he can’t afford, I don’t judge people so fast, so I didn’t want to assume he’s a broke guy merely from borrowing 2k cash and using a very horrible phone, gbo gbo screen ti fo tan…..

He was rotating it & all to reply messages, STILL I was like “don’t judge a book by its cover Adekemi” but my instinct was like “Adekemi alawin Ni bobo yi, be going home” I should have just trusted my instinct man! Sha let’s continue

After few mins sha, the live band came on and he said he needs to go use the atm that he likes to spray them??‍♀️ he went and yeah the life band started performing, it was actually fascinating I must confess ? I was already gbeing my body when Ayo FBI walked in ?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️

Nigga started spraying me money, he sha sprayed 3k, at least I have my 2k & 1k extra, I was glad ?? then he asked me this “can you go to club with me? It’s nearby, don’t worry you’ll go home from there in the morning, just clubbing no biggie”

Hmmm, 1. It’s been a while I clubbed 2. I need to know check the club cos of something I’m working on as regards club

3. I can take care of myself

After these thoughts I said okay but I need to eat first, so I texted my mum I won’t be coming hme & that I’m going to club

He told me there’s a restaurant down the club where I can eat( I don’t joke with my night food abeg no matter how late) before we go to the club….

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I couldn’t finish the smoothies when he asked us to leave, guess what, he took it and drank it all at a gulp like “ma waste owo mi” and I was just like ?? really nigga? After few mins we left the bar and we started walking to the bar and guess what he did

He stopped me halfway and asked to kiss me, trying to hold me and stuff. I changed it for him immediately like “alaye let’s know what we are doing” respect yourself please, and I told him if he makes me more uncomfortable I’m taking the closest cab home, talo loshi ??‍♀️

Like nigga first of all we were on the road, what decent guy would do that cmon ??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️ he apologized that he was only tempted by my lips ??

Shebi my sense should have told me this nigga is just horny but no ?? I’m not done yet…..let’s continue

We got to the restaurant, when I was ready to make my order I asked him if he was going to eat, he said no, from there I just guessed that this nigga doesn’t have money jare, don’t let me pass my boundary, so I went on to just buy #800 worth of food

While eating, I kuku didn’t ask if he had gf or not but he started jam talking that he hasn’t been in a relationship over 2years but he gets laid steady with diff girls, was just like “yahoo ni baba alawo

Then he went on saying he can only date a sensible girl blah blah blah that he could see that I’m sensible, was just smiling like “haq haq haq, bobo yi omo nada” I sha finished my food o, oya o, let’s go clubbing lale Friday ??????

Bouncers stopped us that he had to drop his laptop bag that it’s not allowed then he told them “ehn, we are only here to check out this club, pointing to me, she wants to see how the club looks like”

The one that now burst my head was when he said “next week is her birthday so we want to check if we can use here for the party” I was like ??‍♀️ birthday mi bawo, first of all I’ve not even mentioned my birthday to you Nd second of all this is Aug my b’day is March biko”

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As omo iko wey I be, I thought he just wanted to give them the lamba so he could take his bag in ni o, so I played along and was just smiling like ode. But he sha dropped his bag last last

Laba wo club o, Ayo FBI ba di tour guard, took me to every corner of the club and asked if I like it, I nodded that it’s actually cool ? that I like it, this was around 12:30a.m let me include this

After our tour o, baba con say ehn we’ll come here next week to club, it sounded like a distorted speech, come again please? So where are we going now let me ask? He answered: my apartment ???

I said so what would happen at your apartment like a dumb girl, he said ehn, we’ll just “chill” please what’s the meaning of “chill” in your own dictionary that I’d leave very early in the morning. Immediately I brought out my phone and luckily for me I had 5%, I didn’t even care what the time was I ordered @Boltapp_ng lesekese

Guess what he said, it’s late na, your gate would have been locked and you already texted them at home that you are not coming home now?

I just looked at him like this one doesn’t know I’m a confirm mushin babe, last last I’d go to an hotel and lavish for the night ??‍♀️??‍♀️ shebi I’m stupid ni ??‍♀️??‍♀️

After 2mins my ride arrived and I was ready to go, this guy didn’t even say shit, so I approached him and ask for his phone number since he didn’t ask for mine, that he shouldn’t worry I’ll call him when I’m home safely!

Off I was??‍♀️??‍♀️

When I got home at exactly 1:01am I called him to tell him nigga I made it but he ignored my calls, except he wants to return it this evening!



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