Ebola: DR Congo confirms 2,000 deaths, over 3,000 cases


The Ebola deaths in DR Congo are nearing 2,000 and confirmed cases of the virus have exceeded 3,000, Congo’s National Ebola Response Committee confirmed.

On Friday, after a discussion in Goma by the Catholic Church and the Anglican Church about efforts to help stem the spread of Ebola in communities, the committee announced the latest numbers, VOA reports.

According to VOA, mistrust of health workers and widespread security issues still threaten the fight against the second deadliest outbreak of Ebola in history in a region where armed groups have fought for decades over the mineral-rich land.

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The committee reported 3,002 confirmed Ebola cases with 1,974 deaths. The World Health Organization said Friday they recorded the lowest weekly incidence of Ebola since March 2019 with 40 new cases but said it was unclear if this positive trend would continue.


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