Lady gets her older brother arrested, claims he always assaults her since she was little


A Nigerian lady invited the Police to arrest her older brother after she claimed that he assaulted her and always have since she was little.

The lady took to her social media page, Daisy Okudu to state that she called for the arrest of her older brother who she claims has always assaulted her since she was little, adding that her mother had failed her because she always did nothing when this happens.

She wrote on her social media page yesterday;

my elder brother has been assaulting me since i was little n my parents seem to see nothiog wrong. Today i am fed up, i had to lock my house n put a call to the police to pick up my brother. i cannot descrube the torture i just received. i got an abusive call from my maternal aunty which j hung up. she still called again through my mothers line insulting me n dared to talk ill about my paternal family. my mother has failed me because she has seen this happen many times hut failed to speak up. Even with my health issues he insults me n waits for my response then pounce on me, i know i am strong but mentally, i do not know. i am confused, cannot stop crying but i want my elder brother dealt with.

my mother has been threatening me, she said i should pull down the post or she would say something that people will hate me forever…

Her sister, Valerie Okudu, who sighted the post and was disappointed decided to comment on the post, stating what happened.

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She wrote;

Daisy Okudu “assault ” is too big a word to use.You fail to realize how much everyone cares for you,the sacrifices that have been made and above all,the gravity of this post.

You failed to mention here that you’re the Magret Tacha of the house and everyone bends to do your bidding.Why Daisy?Why

You know deep down in you you’re unbearable and it has become the norm for you to look for trouble and claim right.

This same boy you dragged here,your brother,has swallowed lots of insults from you.You’ve cursed him several times but has he put your differences on social media?I’m an eye witness to what happened and you have made a mountain out of a mole hill.

Our mother was ill yesterday morning,unable to even stand erect and you were bothered about plantain I shared equally.Would it be funny to tell everyone that you had a fight with your elder brother over plantain? Plantain which we have excess?what will happen if you fry more?

Recalling past situations,you end up being right because of your temper and everyone wants you to calm down then you end up throwing more tantrums.

It’s enough that you have brought insults to your mother and your brother but please tell everyone the truth.

This is fake love coming from these people you know?when we needed assistance to get you to India where were they?Your mother paused her life for you and this is what she gets?why make everything seem like you’re being maltreated?you get the most attention here.

Daisy I wouldn’t beg you to take this post down but remember na how you do your thing person go do am for you.


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