Mother whose daughter claims she never spoke up while her older brother assaults her, responds


Mother whose daughter called her out on social media for not speaking up while her older brother assaulted her has finally responded.

Daisy Okudu had taken to her social media, yesterday, to state that she had gotten her older brother arrested for assaulting her, an act she claims he has been doing she was little and then said her mother failed her for not speaking up against these assaults on her daughter.

Her mother, Elohor Okudu has now taken to the same social media post, today to clarify her daughter’s claim of being assaulted, she wrote;

I just came online to see lots of comments and thanks for all your input positively and other wise. While I appreciate your concern , let it be on record that DAisy Okudu is not under any form of maltreatment what so ever . she had a quarrel with her elder brother and there was never a fight .

Daisy is a brain tumor survivor who is still having the effects of the operation which is high temper , emotions just to mention a few. It is obvious that most of you don’t know our story.

I have been a care giver who works tirelessly with my whole family just to make her happy and we will always do that until God restores her.

To those who think other wise, feel free to message me and visit her and do your interview to keep your mind at rest .

Daisy would always be my baby who I cherish as God gave her another chance to live after her brain tumor diagnosis which almost took her life and got us confined for over a long Period of time. and no one is abusing her as she claimed as we are not heartless family . God bless you all.

Daisy is yet to comment further on this, although after her first post yesterday, she had also stated that her mother was threatening to make a post that will make everybody hate her. She had written; “my mother has been threatening me, she said i should pull down the post or she would say something that people will hate me forever…”

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Her father, Ferdinand Okudu also reacted to his daughter’s post, he wrote;

Here is thanking every one for your comments and concern. My daughter Daisy is a lovely child. …after several surgeries she changed a little. …she started having angered issues especially in the mornings. ….she needs help. …everybody around us know what we are passing through. ….we’re are a loving and caring family. …we are giving all we have for Daisy. …..we are still sacrificing. ….one day she will be made whole again. ….we begged round the world for Daisy to come this far….we still begging for her further treatment and for her “eSight” glasses. ….we will not give up on her. …she needs our support. ….I don’t know why we are going through this situation. …my son Reginald is Daisy’s favourite in the family. ..Reginald is not fighter…..he is a soft boy…..probably he might have been carried away with comments about him. …our church members at Holy Family Catholic, Woji, Port Harcourt know what we are passing through. …..God’s on Daisy ‘s case. ……she’s named after my late mum…..all will be well. ….Daisy is calm now and we are preparing for mass…..our mother Mary will intercede for us. ….


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