Policemen allegedly batter Nigerian rapper over refusal to drop bribe


Budding Nigerian rapper Nwa Mama has alleged that some Policemen whom he refused to bribe brutalised him in Lagos last night.

The rapper while making the report on his Instagram page, revealed that after the officers searched his car and found nothing incriminating on him, they demanded for something, which he insisted he was not ready to give.

This got them infuriated, allegedly, and they hit him with the butt of their gun before dragging him into their van alongside other men they have illegally rounded-up.

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Read his full report below:

I was returning from Noni and friends comedy exclusive / mask night and after I dropped off my guys at eleganza and continued my way home I was stopped by some police officers they searched me and found nothing and one of them was like I won’t leave until I have dropped something for them and am like what am I dropping something for ?

we argued a lot and along the line I was smashed with a gun at my head, the truth was that I didn’t know what I did wrong, while trying to know my actual offence I received another hit of the gun which I blocked with my hand, even while bleeding I was dragged into the hilux like a criminal

they were about taking me and some other people the have arrested to their station at ikeja and most of the people were released because the finally dropped something for them and even those who were not on cash made use of the ATM machine, I was left in the hilux with the police till we get to VI.

As they were still arresting some other people I ran into a fan of mine who recognised me ( Mr. Ben) who talked to the police and after their discussion I was released. the last thing Mr. Ben said to me was that these police men are not out for their job the only milking money from people they arrest . So the questions is what is our Nigeria police turning into ???



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