Serial killer in Port Harcourt killing girls – Nigerians protest


Port Harcourt residents have taken to the streets to protest on the recent killing of girls in the city by an unknown serial killer in Rivers State.

The protest did not end there, Nigerians on social media also did not waste time to make the hashtag trend and so many other users on Twitter have jumped on the discussion to address the killing of innocent girls in port Harcourt.

Reports have it that the serial killer has been murdering the girls in same gruesome manner by tying them with a while clothing before strangling them with another white cloth.

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The killings take place in hotels across the city and Nigerians are furious the security agencies in the state have not been able to bring the culprits to book.

*** If a serial killer starts targeting Engineers, would you carry placards saying “Engineering is not the way”, “Stay clear of oil rigs”, “Tear your B.Eng now”? No, you wouldn’t. Why? Coz the victim’s profession isn’t the issue, THE PSYCOPATH KILLING IS!!!

*** A serial killer is on the loose in Port Harcourt, has killed at over 10 women by strangulation at different hotels and nothing is being done by the Nigerian Police to bring the murderer to justice.Pls RT this till our voice is heard. #ProtectPhGirls #SerialKillerInPH

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*** When nigerians are killed abroad, help and response is delayed. Now nigerians are killed in their own country, same pattern!! If we aren’t safe anywhere, we should be safe at home at least. #ProtectPhGirls


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