Bird allegedly turns to an old woman at Oworonshoki in Lagos, confesses (video)


A bird has allegedly turned into an old woman in Oworonsoki community in Lagos State, tooday September 21.

Some social media users have shared pictures and videos of an old woman in Oworonsoki area of Lagos state, which they claimed changed from a bird in the morning.

Another user claimed the incident reportedly occurred at No. 39 Miyaki Street in Oworonshoki and said the old woman confessed to coming to the Lagos community to attack a pregnant woman. She claims she flew all the way from Ijebu ode to Lagos to attack the woman.

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The incident attracted a crowd of people to the scene as they listen to the old woman confess. At a point, the group started shouting Holy Ghost Fire in unison.

Another user claimed the old woman said she was with her daughter, a second bird that was beside her but could not turn back unlike her mother. The bird was later burned.

This is not the first time an incident like this will happen in Nigeria, this is majorly attributed to witchcraft and sorcery.

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Watch video below…



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