Depressed Orphan committed suicide with sniper in Ikorodu (Photos/Video)


Emmanuel, a young orphan in his early 20’s has just committed suicide in his residence at Itaoluwo, Ikorodu, Lagos State.

It was gathered that the deceased carried out the suicide act in his home in Ikorodu where he allegedly slipped into coma after taking a bottle of ‘sniper’ (an insecticide)

His unconscious body was however taken to an hospital in Ita-Oluwo but later transferred to general hospital where he was declared dead.

Emmanuel was said to be a talented visual artist and an orphan who has lost both his parents and siblings. He has reportedly being battling with depression for a long time before he committed suicide.

His last WhatsApp statuses are ;

I can’t wait Anymore

Head is gonna explode

Goodnight word

I have decided to see my sweet mum

Dad is gone

Mummy is gone

Tobi is gone

Rebecca is gone

Some minutes before the act Emmanuel reportedly send voice notes to his closest friend appreciating all his efforts on him and and also told him to help him pray for forgiveness when he gets to church because he’s about to kill himself

click below to listen


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