Man takes his girlfriend to his wedding as payback for cheating on him


A man shocked his girlfriend after he took her with him to his own wedding after dating her for 3 years because she cheated on him.

A lady had taken to her social media page to call out a man who took his girlfriend to his wedding under the guise of she was going to meet his family only for her to find out it was his wedding on getting there.

An update on the story now reveals that after 2 years of dating this girlfriend, the man found out she had been cheating on him and decided to play along while he got another girlfriend he decided to marry at the wedding.

Social media user, Oke Umurhohwo, gave the update on the story, he wrote;

They were dating for over two years. Man was making plans to marry on the third year, only to find out the babe had a 2nd boyfriend & flings. He was heartbroken but played along. Got a new gf but didn’t break up with the old gf. Took her to the wedding to teach her a lesson

Unfortunately, she lost both boyfriends



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