8 factors that can affect your sound sleep


After activities during the full day of, the body would require proper rest. Therefore every night we were recommended to sleep 6-8 hours.

But often,Our time for sleep can not be satisfied  because at the moment we are getting a break, we actually feel difficult to sleep. Some common causes are drinking coffee, eating too much, or too much thinking. Actually, there are many reasons why you find it difficult to get a good sleep at night ,What is it?

1. Exercise before sleep

You may choose to work out at night because you do not have time in the morning. Or maybe you feel sports at night will make the body feel tired and you sleep easier.

However apparently, the opposite is true. After exercise heart rate and metabolism will increase so that makes it difficult to sleep. Avoid exercised right before sleeping. Leave at least three hours before bedtime, or if it could be better done in the morning.

2. Napping

Because You had less sleep at night, you need to change the rest time in the daytime. However a break in the daytime only makes you difficult to sleep at night. napping will disrupt our body clock and make the brain kept on standby at night. If you really feel the need to take a nap, you should do nothing more than an hour.

3. Worried about the quality of sleep

The reason might sound weird. But for some people, this reason is really true. When you think about the task ahead of you tomorrow and you felt compelled to go to bed instead, you may find it hard to sleep. If this happens, turn off the room lights, wake up, and moved temporarily to another room. Or wipe out your worries by not constantly thinking that you have to get up early tomorrow.

4. Drinking alcoholic beverages

Some people think that by drinking alcoholic beverages will make sleep more soundly. Drink before sleeping may make you feel sleepy, but do not make your sleep quality. Better to replace alcohol with herbal tea for the body to become more relaxed before sleeping.

5. The rooms too shining

The more gadgets that are in the room, the more difficult you are asleep. Illumination of the screen gadget, or the TV will make room not completely dark. Better turn off the room lights, and keep all the gadgets out of sight.

6. Body still contains caffeine

Many people who can not start the day without a cup of coffee. Caffeine content in coffee is known to help you awake in the morning. But if taken more than one time and close to bedtime, will make it difficult to sleep because there is still a caffeine content in the body. Should drink coffee once a day and only in the morning.

7. Consumption of protein before sleeping

Eating dinner and snacks that have high protein content can make it difficult to sleep at night. Because the body need to expend more energy to digest protein digestion and that means you still have to continue to work towards bedtime. If you feel hungry before sleeping, eat a little carbohydrates because that can easily digest.

8. Messy room

For those of you who have a messy room, you should quickly tidy up your room. Messy room can make you difficult to sleep because it can affect the mind. Papers, books, and clothes strewn can keep us awake because they feel stressed.

Is the reason there are eight suits you? Should create room atmosphere that can support you to sleep well to make it easier to sleep at night. With enough sleep , your body and mind will be better prepared to face tomorrow.


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