Avoid Bad Habits That Can Make A Man Impotence


Impotence aka Erectile dysfunction is a highly feared scourge for men. Chronic disease may be the culprit. But without realizing it, a few daily habits can also cause impotence.Impotence occurs due to lack of physiological capabilities. When a men suffers from this condition, he will not be able to obtain or maintain a penis erection.

So as not already experienced it, it is better to avoid habits that can cause impotence :

#1 Smoking

Smoking is a surefire way to reduce blood circulation. Impotence has long been associated with smoking or use of tobacco routine. Quit the habit of smoking can improve blood circulation and prevent impotence

unbalanced_eat#2 Unbalanced eat

Unbalanced eating is a bad habit that inevitably lead to impotence. The body needs all the nutrients essential for proper function. How the body can pump blood to the penis if it does not work properly?

#3 Snoring

Snoring is a sign that you are breathing constantly interrupted during sleep. Modern research has linked sleep apnea causes snoring as impotence or erectile dysfunction. Men who snore during sleep were twice as likely to suffer from impotence compared men who did not snore.

#4 Obesity

One of the most common causes of impotence are obesity. This is directly related to erectile dysfunction. From now it is time to break the habit of unhealthy foods to be consumed


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