Coronavirus: Bishop Oyedepo holds Sunday church service at Winners chapel headquarters (Video)


Pastor Oyedepo held Sunday service at Winners chapel headquarters, Ota, Ogun state amids warning on Coronavirus.

Despite the orders of the Ogun State Government and the Federal Capital Territory Administration restricting the number of persons in any gathering to 50 to curb the transmission of the novel coronavirus, Winner Chapel held its Sunday service with several members in attendance.

The Presiding Bishop of the Living Faith Church Worldwide, whose headquarters is located in Ota, Ogun State, David Oyedepo, held a ‘physical’ service on Sunday, March 22, 2020 unlike other mega churches who only conducted online service.

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Thousands of worshipers who gathered at the church auditorium sang and prayed to God to stop the plague of the coronavirus in Nigeria and other countries of the world.

The sermon was titled “Winning the war against coronavirus”.

Bishop Oyedpo said

“According to how we have prayed, the siege is over. The same way Ebola went away, this is going away. The same God that helped us that time is still alive, he will help us again.”

Watch the video below.

Several arrests of Pastors who held church services of more than 50 congregations were reported in different areas of Ogun state.

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