Checkout the best platform to convert your gift cards to cash within 5 minutes


We are very excited to introduce the best and trusted Gift card trading platform to you today.

CEEDXCHANGE is a professional global gift card trading platform that has been in business since 2015.

With over 15,000 existing customers, CEEDXCHANGE goal is to provide you a professional, secure, fast and steady trading platform.

CEEDXCHANGE provides you the opportunity to sell all your gift cards and Coins at a very competitive rate within 5 mins.

Why choosing CEEDXCHANGE?

Fast Processing: 

All trades are processed as quick as possible.

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Competitive Price and Instant Payout: 

CEEDXCHANGE offers the best cash price for all your gift cards and Maximum duration for payout when trading with CEEDXCHANGE is 5 Mins! Yes just 5Mins and you’ll get your cash alert.

Dedicated Support And Availability: 

CEEDXCHANGE is always available for transactions 24/7 and there’s no transaction limit, they buy as much as you have.

No Scam Case: 

CEEDXCHANGE do not have any scam history and all trading are protected and guaranteed by

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Amazon gift card

iTunes gift card

eBay giftcard

Sephora gift card

Nike giftcard


Nike giftcard

Steam wallet

APPLE store giftcard




Google play giftcard and more 

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