Clarence Peters Arrest: “We are probably looking at murder” – Lagos police investigates Kodak’s death


Lagos Police reveals Picture Kodak’s death might be a murder and Clarence Peters who has been arrested is being investigated,

The spokesperson of the state police command, Bala Elkana, confirmed that the director has indeed being detained and is being questioned as the police is investigating for murder, LIB reports.

Elkana said said since the incident happened in Clarence’s apartment, himself and others who were present at the time of the unfortunate incident, have been invited for questioning to aid the investigation of Kodak’s death.

“Yes it is true, he is in our custody answering some questions.

We are investigating the circumstances that led to her death so definitely there are questions investigators will need to find out and he is one of those that need to answer some of those questions; that is why he has been invited and some few others who were there.” Bala said,

When asked if they will be detained beyond today, he responded

“They are detained. It is full fledged investigation. It is a murder charge. We are probably looking at murder. We are not concluding at this stage. If she died of electrocution according to reports, it is left for us to find out. Was she actually electrocuted? What went wrong? Autopsy will also show” he said

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