Cardi B receives expensive Mothers Day gifts from her man, Offset


Grammy Award winner, Cardi B received endless boxes of roses and two Jane Birkin handbags, from her man, Offset set for being Kulture ’s mom.

She obviously had the most wonderful Mother’s Day ever, after receiving the most expensive bags in the world ranging from $40,000 to $500,000. “Thank you papasote,” Cardi B said as she flaunted the gift.

To end her day, the Bodak Yellow hitmaker shared the cutest video with her daughter, Kulture in her arms, “I’m so happy I’m your mommi, I’ll be mentally practicing the talks and discipline I’ll give you when you get older. I hope I make you proud,” she wrote alongside the footage, in which Kulture lovingly rests her little head on mom’s chest and says “mama” with adoration.



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