Nigerians blast Dbanj for flouting social distancing rule at an Abuja party (Video)


Nigerian Singer, Dbanj, is currently being dragged on social media after he was spotted in a video entertaining guests at a house party in Abuja.

According to the social media users who dragged the singer, all corona virus protocols were flouted as social distancing was not observed during the event.

In the video, the entertainer could be seen flanked on both sides by his audience as they danced to his hit songs.

Twitter user, @MsLami_A who shared the video wrote ;

One of you really flew Dbanj in for your party in Abuja last night??? Amidst all he has done? Despite the travel restrictions?? I hate how Nigerians are brazenly unlawful! Wow!

I see people saying he’s been in Abuja. He still got clearance to fly in for whatever reason, that aside, he is still flouting the social distancing rules in that video. They all are.

Another twitter user, Igala Alan Shore, wrote ;

Apparently people flew DBanj in from Lagos for a party in Abuja last night. All the corona virus protocols flouted. Nigeria tires me



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