I impregnated my daughter thrice, presented her for abortion as girlfriend – Evangelist


A senior evangelist has been arrested by the Police in Ogun State for allegedly impregnating his daughter thrice and presenting her for abortions as his girlfriend.

The 44-year-old Oluwafemi Oyebola is a senior evangelist of Christ Apostolic Church, Ogo-Oluwa, Idi-Iroko and was arrested for engaging in incest with his daughter and repeatedly impregnated her.

Oyebola claims it was due to a spell on him from the devil that made him impregnate his 24-year-old daughter. He disclosed that his wife who died in 2016, left him behind with three children; two daughters and one son. The other two children are 21-year-old which is his second child and the last born, 17-year-old.

He claims the other two children are aware of the incident.

Recounting, he said it started in December 2017 and Jnauary 2018 after which she informed him she was pregnant.

He said;

That got me scared and I took her to the general hospital in Idi-Iroko for an abortion. I paid N1,000. I presented her to the nurse as my girlfriend. In June 2018, the second sexual encounter happened and I took her to the same nurse for another abortion. At the time, the nurse confided in me that she was very fertile. I asked what I could do, and she gave me something (a contraceptive) for her but I didn’t know it was for family planning. A week after aborting the second pregnancy, she complained about a stomach ache.

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